"Your spirit is emerging with an empowerment it has never before expressed into this reality. This is your ego’s time to step aside and defer to the higher spirit within you that flows through the assertions of your energetic heart. The practice of when-which-how is a method of bringing your mind, emotions, and ego-personality into coherent alignment with your heart’s intuitive guidance.

The when-which-how practice is a vital technique of Lyricus. This is because the energetic heart is the key instrument that enables the human family to grow together through relations of coherence, compassion, care, and virtue. The when-which-how practice is a method that helps the individual express their higher self through quantum or energetic activities. The flow of energy, directed by the coherent and virtuous heart-mind system, is what we are here to experience and learn, and it is this that will ultimately bond humanity in Oneness.

The when-which-how practice is a comprehensive system that—among other things—retrains the subtle nervous system and cleanses the subconscious and cellular stresses and accumulations which can obscure alignment to one’s spirit-consciousness. 

Is important the day-to-day practice of when-which-how at the individual level. It is here, at the point of our daily personal lives, that we need to engage this practice—this is where we begin our journey in emotional self-mastery.
John Berges