A school teacher...

wants to improve the relationship between himself and his students. He decides to send understanding and appreciation to them for one week, at the end of which he will assess the situation. If it has not improved, he will try another strategy.

This teacher has imposed a time limit on virtues that exist beyond the spacetime dimension. He has set up a restrictive condition for success. Whether a week is too long or not long enough is beside the point. The underlying foundation of the practice is that we are learning to work from the standpoint of the higher self, which transcends the spacetime reality of the ego-personality.

By setting a time limit, this individual is diluting the effectiveness of the virtues by imposing restrictions on them. Thus, before he even begins to outflow the virtues to his students, he is limiting the effectiveness of the virtues by setting up conditions that do not apply to them because they, like the soul, exist in a subjective state beyond the three-dimensional world of form.