A Spiritual Imperative

Our solar system has an appointment with a stream of potent new energies radiating from the center of our galaxy. We enter the height of this energy flow circa 2012. As of this writing, details of the effects of this cosmic conjunction are sketchy, but in general, we will be exposed to a new kind of light. One of the reasons we are being encouraged to work at emotional self-mastery is to soften the impact of these new forces on our energy bodies. Apparently, this new energy has a close affinity to our energetic hearts. By learning to practice when-which-how through the incorporation of the six heart virtues into our individual energy fields, we will greatly lessen the stress on our human instruments. The same holds true for the collective human energetic field, the CHEF. The closer the CHEF matches the new incoming energies, the easier it will be for humanity to adjust to the heightened frequencies of our planet. The greater the disparity, the greater the reaction between the old frequencies and the new.

This might be comparable to the weather conditions produced when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass. If the difference in temperatures between the two masses is large, then violent weather is often the result. When the differences in temperature are small, the weather conditions produced are mild or insignificant.

Assuming this analogy applies to the 2012 impact, it would be much better for the CHEF to match its emotional temperature as closely as possible to the incoming air mass in order to avoid a violent reaction. Obviously, if the CHEF is affected by this high frequency energy, then all individual human energetic fields (IHEF) are affected also.

Taking all this into account, practitioners of when-which-how have a two-fold task to perform in order to prepare for this event. First, we must increase the vibratory frequency of our own energy fields so that we can more easily mesh with the incoming energies. This means we instill positive emotional energies in our individual fields. By doing this, we increase the emotional positive energy of the CHEF by default. Second, we can serve humanity in a most practical way by transmitting the six heart virtues as often and as skillfully as we can to as many people as we can. Hence, through the practice of when-which-how, we can help raise the level of the CHEF prior to and after the impact.

In fact, our services will be needed throughout this century because these energies are transformative to our planet’s energy field. For example, when a powerful storm approaches land, it raises the level of the sea and when it departs, it allows the sea to return to its normal level. Nevertheless, such storms are powerful enough to transform the contours of a coastline. In a similar way, this cosmic energy will change the contours of our planetary environment. The only difference in the analogy is that unlike the storm’s approach to us, our planet is approaching the energy. This is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new phase of human living.

In order to flourish in the energetics of this new world, we will have to possess energetics that are aligned with these new ones. You might wonder, “How can we gain these new energies if our planet has not yet encountered them?” It’s quite probable that the Lyricus teachers already have knowledge about the nature and the effects of the energy that we will be encountering. Therefore, they can guide us in how we can develop this energy in ourselves prior to its impact on our planet. The instructions and practices associated with the Event Temples website (and to a lesser extent, the WingMakers and Lyricus websites) are key elements in this preparation. It is quite possible that the Event Temples website is a Tributary Zone.

Hence, we have been given a template for raising our individual energy fields in advance of a major shift in the energy quality of our planet. This template is often referred to as a platform or framework for our practice of when-which-how. We now know that the platform consists, in part, of the six heart virtues. Our task is to build the frequencies of these virtues into our emotional and mental fields. Our ability to raise the quality of our fields to the point that they can sustain the conscious presence of the six virtues indicates a distinct level of coherence. This means that you can express any virtue internally and externally as the need arises. This is the art of the genuine because what you express on the outside is the same as what you feel on the inside. You are the real deal; you are genuine in your thought, feeling, and action. You are firmly aligned from soul to sole—the individuated consciousness bridging Heaven and Earth.

Apparently, the next five to seven years are going to be especially difficult for the human race. In order to minimize the effects of our passage through this galactic energy stream, it is simply common sense that we prepare ourselves and others for the impact. This is not too much different from taking precautionary steps prior to the arrival of bad weather.

Therefore, as individuals who have been attracted to this material (setting aside the question of why), we have a golden opportunity to serve the planet during this transition. In fact, the new conditions that we will be living in after the shift in energies will demand that we make the adjustment. Those of us who have a head start in this adjustment, through the practice of when-which-how, have some responsibility to pass this knowledge and practice on to others. We also have some responsibility for helping to shift the CHEF to a positive emotional state. Remember the clashing air masses. In effect, our efforts to equalize the emotional temperatures sooner rather than later is like a spiritual imperative.

One important point. This is not about proselytizing and saving the souls of those who may not make it through the passage. That is an old model of reality that is rapidly being replaced by a new model. Practically speaking, it seems only logical that those who know more about these matters than we do (the Lyricus Teaching Order), are already taking advantage of their know-ledge about this coming dimensional shift. They do this by introducing new models of reality—realities that are more suited to the new energy dimensions that we are soon going to be living in.

Thus, as practitioners of emotional self-mastery, we are engaged in a new model of reality identified as the transformation/mastership model. (Recall track-treat-transform.) The old model of reality is identified as the evolution/saviorship model and it basically taught that one could only reach God through an intermediary priesthood.

These two models are heading toward a synthesis model in which we can save ourselves through mastery and transformation. In this new model, the saving force comes from within our own being and not from some outside source. Consequently, practitioners are not saving others by convincing them to turn to emotional self-mastery. Instead, practitioners are turning negative emotions into positive ones. Practitioners are “grounding” the heart virtues in the field of human endeavor. As a result, practitioners are clarifying the emotional environment through the introduction of positive heart energetics. As practitioners save themselves, they automatically contribute positive energetics into the CHEF that others can use in order to save themselves. In turn, this gives millions of individuals the opportunity to discover these energetics for themselves because the clarified emotional atmosphere is healthy and positive. It encourages exploration by its very nature. Thus, others are eager to seek out the source of these refreshing energies that they are feeling in their own individual energy fields.

Our practice can turn the tide. But for that to happen, we must do the work. Learning to be coherent is the art of the genuine. It leads to powerful effects that can transform the negative emotional field of our planet into a positive emotional field. A positive field such as this can propel us toward the discovery of the Grand Portal. It is truly a privilege to be participating in this process. Finally, whether you are already a practitioner, are considering joining us, or are merely curious about the topic, I welcome you as a fellow explorer with appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor, as we travel together on this amazing planet we call Earth.