This term is closely related to surrender. It represents an attitude that is willing to accept the reality of any situation. Acceptance is the relaxation of denial. It is especially powerful in the application of the virtues to oneself. Acceptance has much to do with valor, humility, and forgiveness. Even though we may have accepted various negative truths in many areas of our lives, we will still generate negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors that we must continuously clear. We do this by facing them, accepting them for what they are, and continuing our practice of emotional self-mastery.

The great advantage we have for overcoming negative emotions is the knowledge that we can practice emotional self-mastery through the practice of when-which-how and the various meditation exercises we have been given. In any case, eventually, our attitude of acceptance will be turned on its head when we shift from accepting our negatives to accepting our positives. Then we will be in a new stage of development when acceptance means that we face the truth of our individual dimensional shift from the third dimensional ego-personality to the higher dimensional soul-personality.