Looking for Results

Some days, even when I meditate, it’s doesn’t seem very effective. But I’m trying my best to do it as often as possible and for the past couple of weeks I’ve been steadier in the practice.

Don’t worry about results. Remember that the concrete lower mind (“lower” in contrast to the higher, more abstract mind) is predominantly responsive to the outer world and its phenomena. Meditation practice is oriented in the opposite direction, toward the quantum and sub-quantum densities. Consequently, the lower, ego-personality mind is not very sensitive to the inner, subjective energetics of the six heart virtues. This is not to say that the transmissions are not being received. They are, but the conscious, lower mind has difficulty detecting them in the presence of all the “chatter” it is receiving from the external world.

Eventually, your mind will become more sensitive to the presence of these new energetics in the form of deeper insights into their meanings (as mentioned previously). It is likely that any “results” of your daily practice will not be apparent for the first few weeks or months, but of course, there are always exceptions. In the majority of cases, it takes time for the lower mind to adjust and become sensitive to the subtle, but powerful presence of the new energetics.

So, looking for results is like pulling a seedling out of the soil each day to see how the root system is developing. Exposing the young, delicate roots too soon only interferes with a process that nature is quite capable of handling at the beginning stages of growth. Later, the results will be obvious.