Maintaining Perspective

This is the perspective of the soul or higher self as it views the limited and limiting environment of third-dimensional reality. Take some time to study the larger framework discussed in Section 2. Even if this view seems too complex or far-out for you to believe, at least give it a fair hearing with an open mind and heart.

Briefly, the soul’s perspective is this: You, the portion of its consciousness extended into the spacetime, third dimension, are one individuated self among billions, who are participating in a grand experiment of spiritualizing matter by materializing spirit. You, the ego-personality, turned practitioner of emotional self-mastery, are now attempting to refine your energy field so that it can express the less dense energies of your higher counterpart, the soul.

This may take some time, so be patient and don’t get discouraged when you lose control and become viral negative. Re-align. Re-vision the larger picture, the broader practice, the cosmic framework from which you have come forth—to serve the grand experiment of First Source.