Natural Disaster

People living in a village in Pakistan live in constant fear of another devastating earthquake. Their lives are continuously overshadowed by the memories of the earthquake that destroyed the few possessions they had, not to mention the loss of their small school and medical clinic. Their days are dark and hopeless.

In the meantime, several thousand individuals scattered throughout the world, but connected to the internet are beginning a group meditation at Event Temples. They have gathered in cyberspace at the same time in order to transmit the energies of the heart to all the people in that region of Pakistan where this earthquake took place.

The quantum community of when-which-how practitioners targets, focuses, directs, and transfers the virtues of the heart to this specific region in an effort to lift the emotional pall hanging in the subjective atmosphere of these people. This projection and injection of the light of love lifts the spirits of these people and gives them the needed strength to rebuild their lives.

The next day, in that small Pakistani village, the people feel a little better. Many of the people feel a new hope and regain confidence and enthusiasm for rebuilding their lives. Within a week comes word that the UN is sending them additional building supplies to aid them in their recovery.