Rapid Re-alignment

Observing the thoughts and feelings that come into my mind, I cannot avoid the fact that I have just condemned someone for making an error even though I have no evidence to back it up. My heart tells me that this is not the right attitude.

Still able to observe his thoughts and feelings, our fellow practitioner has unconsciously drawn from the energy of valor to admit to himself that he is condemning some unknown individual for a major mistake on this important company project. This is obviously a high point. He comes to terms with his selfish reaction and desires to send an apology to this other person. He does this by sending the virtue of forgiveness to the unknown individual he has falsely accused for the foul-up. In this case, he is not only forgiving the other individual, but asking this individual’s forgiveness for his unfair judgment. This is an instance of how a virtue is used. This is an example of releasing oneself and others from a negative and energy draining thought pattern.

Just as important, this is a good example of how rapidly we can recover from a negative emotional state when we align with the energetics of the heart virtues. Our ability to quickly regain our positive emotional state becomes stronger the more consistently we practice when-which-how.