Recording When-Which-How Encounters

Using this list as a guide, you should be able to identify real life examples by closely observing your daily activities and encounters. In order to help identify the various aspects of when-which-how I have created a table (see the following page) in which these elements can be recorded. I have assembled the when-which-how encounters related to A New Day in the Life of scenario and entered them in this table. A blank table form similar to this example might prove valuable for recording your daily encounters and a blank table form is provided at the end of this guide. This is a form of tracking that is somewhat different than the tracking offered at Event Temples. They are similar in the sense that their purpose is to help you gain an organized overview of when, which, and how you apply the six virtues.

Following the table is a recording chart that places the various encounters of the day into their respective categories. It provides a visual overview of the daily practice of when-which-how and, in this respect, it has an advantage over the table format. This recording chart is also filled in with the encounters that are listed in the recording table. Each block is filled in according to whether the encounter was applied internally, externally, to oneself, or to others.

Each cell contains:
the time (Not that all encounters are assumed to be in the present unless otherwise noted.)
description of the encounter
the virtues applied
the encounter type
the internal dimension, emotional, mental, spiritual
Not everyone will want to record their experiences in this style, so it is offered as an optional tool to be used if it serves your needs. The notation abbreviations are suggestions only. If you choose to make your own chart, you may want to modify these or create your own notation system.

I highly recommend recording your daily encounters in some form, even it if is only at the beginning stages of your practice. You can do this through journaling and through the recording charts in this guide.