The Energetic Heart and Its Six Virtues

The energetic heart is the servant of the soul. The soul is the receiving and distributing agent of divine love. Permeating and circulating throughout the sub-quantum field, divine love is the lifeblood of God that interconnects the entire multiverse. 

This divine love is intelligent and operates in the human world through six basic qualities. These are the six (energetic) heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor.

Consequently, when we work with the six heart virtues, we are drawing the intelligence of love from the sub-quantum field of the soul, through the portal of the energetic heart and “outward” into our individual energy field in the form of the six virtues. Further, we can transmit these virtues into the fields of those around us and ultimately into the collective energy field of earth. In the “Living from the Heart” paper these two fields are identified as the Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF) and the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF).

All human beings have this capability, but very few use it. Knowledge, training, and disciplines to access these spiritual energies emanating from the soul, via the heart, have been given to humanity by past sages and teachers. These teachings have taken the form of religious, philosophical, and psychological systems. Such training could only be given to a few because of the isolation of individuals, the difficulty of traveling, and the generally harsh conditions of human living in the past.

Unfortunately, today many of these same conditions exist for billions of people around the world, but there are also many millions who have the capability of helping those still living in conditions comparable to the Middle Ages. The difference between today and yesterday is that we now have the power of the internet through which thousands of people can be trained as a community to direct their collective heart energetics to millions of people in need.

So, we humans have this capability, we are being given the resources for our training, and we have a global communications system at our disposal. As for the six heart virtues, they have always been with us, and have been patiently waiting to serve us. The remaining element that is the key to activating this system is our choice to use these resources for the betterment of ourselves and humanity.