We Need Each Other

Finally, for the consideration of those unsure of the ideas presented here and also for the encouragement and continued dedication of the practitioners of this important work, we declare that our function is to serve humanity—to serve you—if you will allow us. If you sincerely turn to us for the purpose of eliminating fear, hatred, prejudice, and suffering, you will be supported fully by our presence in your life. We can do great things together if you will only make the choice to join with us and allow our entry into your world.

We need you in order to fulfill our function in the multiverse and you need us so that you can fulfill your destiny as a species. Your world is in crisis and that means you have a tremendous opportunity to take a quantum leap into a new era of human living. We will soon enter a time of increased light which will give birth to a renaissance in the arts and sciences. But for that to happen with a reduced amount of unnecessary turmoil and suffering, we need individuals who are willing to train themselves in the ways of our virtuous energies—the ways of the energetic heart. We offer you aid and ask nothing in return except your willingness to live in a new way—to live from the heart.

The end.