A Selection of Meditation Journal Entries

The limits of the soul you could not discover, though traversing every path.

What follows is a selection of some of my journal entries on the six heart virtues. They are a result of my daily meditation practice. These recordings are offered as examples only, but if they provide helpful insights into the six virtues, that is good. The entries are in chronological order, but I have removed the specific dates (they cover the period of the spring of 2006). You may notice that the order of the virtues here is different than the order used in this guide. This is simply because I meditated on the virtues in a clockwise direction around the diagram produced in the paper “The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative.” Except for the elimination of personal information and the correction of grammar and spelling, these entries reflect my thoughts and feelings at the time of their recording. Each paragraph represents all or part of that day’s comments.