What came to mind most strongly was that appreciation is tied to awareness. And not just awareness, but a de-centered awareness. For only with this kind of awareness does it seem possible to truly appreciate one’s life and all the details that go to construct it.

Sensitivity is another factor in appreciation. How sensitive is the state of one’s awareness? Insensitivity is a big issue in today’s Western culture due to the materialistic and fragmented nature of our lives. So, sensitivity plays a role in the depth or quality of our appreciation for life. If we are physically oriented, we will appreciate the physical things of the world. If we have developed a feeling for life, our appreciation will expand to include heart-felt knowledge and memories that deepen our appreciation further.

When I feel appreciation it is due to the sense of connectivity to life and all its beauty. This must be regarded as spiritual.

Thoughts were muddled today. I became aware that I didn’t want to get stuck in the purely mental approach to contemplating “appreciation,” but wanted to feel it also. This may be important to recognize because it suggests that the “intelligence” of appreciation was impacting my consciousness.