The initial pain of being humbled is actually a liberation from the tyranny of the ego-personality and the initial humiliation is a letting go of egoism and a liberation of one’s attitudes into a new freedom of balanced relationship with others and the world.

Humility is the heart knowledge of knowing how and where one fits into the world of the soul.

Humility is a brake on egoism.

Humility feels like a relaxation into a true knowledge of one’s place in the scheme of things. It is the surrendering of a distorted, illusory image of the “form of one’s life” in relation to everything else. The surrender of a specific ego structure allows an adjustment of consciousness that is in alignment with the plan of the soul.

Today I seemed to be more with humility than thinking about it. Being with humility is a humbling experience.

Humility is not being more or less than one is. Thus, we can say that the effort to be humble is an effort to be oneself without any masks or images. Humility is to be the soul from moment-to- moment. Whether one is doing the dishes or giving a lecture, it is still the same self which is present throughout.

Just as the bodies of cosmic space are positioned in balanced relation with each other, we are in a state of humility when we are in balanced relationship with others and ourselves. Harmony of the spheres might apply to humility.