Alignment and Insight

The simple act of performing this exercise, allowing the energies of these virtues to flow through my being, somehow renews my spirit.

This crisis is turning into a breakthrough. I now see that my heart has led me to the soul itself. I feel uplifted and shifted in consciousness to a state of serenity and unity.

When we seek alignment with the energetic heart, we are also aligning with our higher self. The more we make the effort to align ourselves with the spiritual aspect of life (instead of the material, form side only), the more insights we will receive. If we have the will to persist in practicing when-which-how, we discover that our lives and our practice merge into one expression of living. This comes later on, but it does no harm to mention the goal of our work.

First we live the life of unity—unity with the world of material living. We are practicing the social order. Next we discover a spiritual teaching that resonates with us. As we engage the new practice, we begin to live a dual life. One is the ordinary life of material living and the other is the life of spiritual living, such as learning to live from the heart. This marks the dual stage. Eventually, this stage is superseded by the integration and fusion of the material and spiritual pathways. Your two life expressions become indistinguishable as they combine to form one life expressing emotional self-mastery. These uplifting moments, often born of crisis, foreshadow that future day when the two become one.