Okay, enough wallowing in what has already been done. All I can do now is realign to my energetic heart. Immediately, I close my eyes and visualize myself as a point of divine love surrounded by the six virtues.

After replaying the events, he decides that he has spent enough time on self-pity. Often times we cannot help feeling sorry for ourselves and marveling over the apparent fact that everything always seems to happen to us. It’s almost an instinctual reaction, like when something gets too close to your eye and it blinks. Or when the doctor tests your reflexes by tapping your knee. Our sense of victimization is so ingrained in our energy fields that we have trouble consciously intervening and powering down these reactions. Don’t worry about it. If you find yourself in self-pity, wallowing in your misfortune, accept it for what it is, but move on. Acknowledge it without conditions or excuses and get back to the work of realigning with the heart, so that the higher energetics can start to flow through your energy fields once again. Naturally, all crises are not created equal and therefore, each one will subside in its own timeframe. Nevertheless, initiating the grid meditation—visualizing yourself as the center of divine love, with the six heart virtues surrounding you—will eventually restore your alignment and open your connection to the network of spiritual energetics.