Reflection and Review

12:00 Noon

Sitting in my office at lunchtime, I reflect on the morning’s events. I have recovered enough from my emotional reactions to look at the attitudes and behaviors I expressed as a result of this crisis.

Although not explicit, our practitioner is communing with his higher self through the energetic heart. He is turning within and examining the day’s events through the clear lens of the soul, instead of the ego-personality (which always must create excuses for defending its temporal existence). The mind is playing an important role, now that it is free from the influence of ego’s defense mechanisms. Working within the unbiased light of love, the mind is able to use its power of reason to clearly judge and decide the best course of action. From this, the mind and heart can formulate a plan. This plan consists of using when-which-how to bring healing, harmony, and order to the situation.

These reflection and review periods might be thought of as counseling sessions with the higher self that take place in the hallowed chambers of the heart. In many ways, this is similar to that place in consciousness described as the chamber of self.