Increased Light

Here I am, sending forgiveness to someone who made this huge mistake and all along it was me. I was nice enough to take the time to send forgiveness to somebody and they didn’t even need it! I AM an idiot. Not only that, I am a conceited, egotistical idiot, for I automatically assumed that because I am such a superior person the mistake could not possibly have been mine.

Our friend is really beating himself up over this mess. Not only is he in shock, but he is ashamed of himself for being so egotistical. Even though this self-flagellation appears to be a down situation, it is actually an up situation because our practitioner is experiencing his ego-personality in the light of his own soul. This light is powerful and once activated in the consciousness shines brightly on the “good and bad” of our egoic self. Without this feedback, how are we to practice when-which-how? Pain in the physical body is a necessary and self-protecting feedback system for alerting us to health problems. The same holds true for emotional pain. As long as we don’t feel the mental and emotional pain we cause ourselves and others, we have no ability to improve our relationships or harmonize the inner chaos and turmoil we live with everyday.

The energetic heart is the open window through which the blazing light of the soul shines into our consciousness. If we have the valor to examine the contents of our consciousness that are revealed in this higher light, we will make rapid progress in our journey. We simply have to take the time to look.