Financial Stress

A young, single mother is running late picking up her daughter at daycare. She can hardly afford to pay for daycare, but she has to work in order to pay her rent and keep food on the table. If she does not get to the daycare center in the next ten minutes, she is going to be charged an additional $20.00, an amount her tight budget cannot cover.

Suddenly, an elderly man pulls out in front of her car and is driving far below the speed limit. She is very frustrated and angry, asking the universe why this has to happen to her. Doesn’t she have enough problems already? Then she remembers that she is supposed to be practicing emotional self-mastery. And, to be honest, at this moment she really doesn’t want to.

Nonetheless, somehow she manages to calm down enough to realign with her heart. She visualizes herself as divine love with the six heart virtues radiating outward in a field around her. She sends forgiveness to the elderly man in front of her, for understanding has shown her that this man may be financially strained like herself. He may be on a fixed income. He may not see too well, but still must get to the store to buy his groceries. He is probably driving slowly to avoid causing an accident. Should he be forced to give up driving?

Suddenly, she feels enormous compassion for this person, after all he could be her own father. How would she feel if someone was cursing at her father or mother because they were driving too slowly? At this point, the virtue of humility entered her energy field and she accepted her situation as just part of the overall circumstances of living in this twenty-first century. She thought to herself, “We’ve all got problems; we’re all in this mess together so why add to the negativity of humanity, when I have an opportunity to send out positive emotional energy.” Just then, the elderly driver turned right and she was free to get to the daycare center in time. She then thought, “It’s amazing how much you can learn in two minutes.”