Woman Commuting Home

After an exhausting day at work, a woman finds herself sitting close to four teenagers on her commuter train. These young people are noisy and are all talking at once. To add further chaos to the encounter, at least one of them is also playing a video game because she can hear the weird noises it is producing.

She has children of her own and realizes that these teens are simply enjoying each others’ company, albeit in a rather boisterous and irritating manner. So, she realizes that this is the perfect time to apply her newly discovered technique of practicing the heart virtues. But how should she approach this situation?

She decides to use valor, so she turns to them and politely asks them to talk a little more quietly. While she is making this request, she is also sending them understanding and appreciation. She feels appreciation is needed because she wants them to feel her respect for them as young people. She wants them to feel her understanding and appreciation of their youthful spirit and abundant energy—their enthusiasm for life.

These feelings resonate with the teenagers. They sense her respect for them and they express their apologies and try to tone down their conversation.