Racial Prejudice

A black man is walking to his car and notices a white couple staring at him. He senses that they are afraid of him because of his race. Ordinarily, he would be feeling anger, resentment or disappointment by their negative reaction to him, thereby contributing his own negative emotions to the situation (and to the CHEF).

Now, however, he focuses on his energetic heart and sends them understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. By doing this, he eliminates any negative emotions he might produce and, simultaneously, sends positive emotions to the couple.

Although he cannot single-handedly change everyone’s attitudes, he knows that practicing the six heart virtues has changed his attitudes and behaviors toward others. It just seems sensible, that by reducing his own negative emotions, he generates a presence that is essentially positive and non-threatening to others.

Through the virtue of understanding and compassion, he grasps the wider picture, the sad history of human prejudice throughout the ages. He even recognizes that, as a human being, he too has practiced prejudice. At least now, through the practice of when-which-how, he has greatly reduced his negative contributions to the CHEF.