Foreword by James

The physicist, David Bohm, once explained, “…the entire universe has to be thought of as an unbroken whole.” The structure of reality as implied by twentieth century physics shows us that the universe is indeed a vast tapestry of interdependent energetic fields in which we are active participants—not merely observers.

The energies that stream into our local galaxy are circulated through its magnetic field, touching our heliosphere (solar system’s magnetic field) and then touching our earth and then each of us, like a subtle shower of light. There will be no place to hide or avoid the incoming energetics. All will be touched by these new energies that have journeyed such vast distances to activate us into the collective intelligence we are designed to be.

It will not come to us like a switch turning on one day and then it is gone the next. Rather, it will occur over time and remain as long as we redistribute it amongst ourselves. Its influence will astonish us in terms of the degree in which our human family changes in our relation to time, space, religion, government, leadership, purpose, and our abilities to unite as a collective race focused on a mission of transcendence through unity.

There will be no Armageddon. Nor will we be swept up into the ascensionary wings of extraterrestrials. What awaits us is the higher order intelligence of our natural birthright pressing itself upon the field of earth. Humanity must unravel itself energetically to expose its natural purpose, not only upon earth, but upon the stars as well.

Our skin is not the boundary of ourselves. The space between us is precisely what connects us, and as we move into the next dimension of our selfhood we earn the opportunity to experience a new transparency into wholeness and a new accessibility to our heart’s intuitive guidance. These new faculties demonstrate our collective intelligence and creative will to expand our minds into the regions from whence we came.

All things ride upon the energetic substrate that unites us. As time originates out of timelessness, space originates out of unity. We originate out of both timelessness and unity. We have traveled to this planet for a reason—all of us—without exception. For those of us incarnated in these times, we will be rewarded by participating in the most profound shift in human history, and this shift will occur over the next five years.

What was presumed impossible 10 years ago will be proven possible in half that time. And this accelerated shift from disbelief to knowledge will require leaders who are able to adapt and thrive in the new definitions of time, space, energy and matter, and understand that the intelligent relationship we share amongst ourselves and other beings is the most important quality to the unfoldment of our purpose as a spiritual race.

The approaching shift is a little like coming out of the jungle and being introduced to the Internet. We, as a species, are being introduced to the universal field and our participation as co-creators therein. Everyone on the planet, over the next five years, will feel this overture from the universe to deepen and expand their relationship to the higher order intelligence, but it will be up to the individual as to whether they connect via an intermittent dial-up modem, a 24/7 broadband connection, or simply turn away in the assumed comfort of separation.

As I suggested earlier, our world will not transform in a sudden burst of awakening, but rather it will undergo a sustained and vibrant trajectory of awakening over the next five years. It will require us to be balanced and coherent in our hearts and minds in order to extract the meaning of this transformative time on planet earth and create the new culture that embodies it.

The flow of the universe is configured through a higher order of intelligence than we can imagine. As it steps down into our three-dimensional world, it activates our heart and mind to synchronize—to work together as a flowing system of intelligence that opens the door to our soul or higher self.

Those who are able to synchronize their heart-mind system and sustain an energetic coherence while the dimensional shift is occurring will be able to lead and advance the opportunities for the generations to follow. Many of the fundamental, inherited paradigms of humanity will be cast off in favor of a dynamic information grid that infuses our hearts and minds and informs an emergent culture of humanity based on emotional self-mastery and direct spiritual insight.

You can choose to believe a dimensional shift is occurring and experience it with your full senses awake and tuned to its earthly bloom, or you can deny it right up to the instant in time when it cannot be denied any longer. However you choose, this shift or transformation will demand your coherence emotionally and mentally, which is precisely the purpose behind the when-which-how practice and the Event Temples website.

Co-emergent with this dimensional shift, and inseparable from it, is your spirit. It is emerging with an empowerment it has never before expressed into this reality. This is your ego’s time to step aside and defer to the higher spirit within you that flows through the assertions of your energetic heart. The practice of when-which-how is a method of bringing your mind, emotions, and ego-personality into coherent alignment with your heart’s intuitive guidance.

The when-which-how practice is a vital technique of Lyricus. This is because the energetic heart is the key instrument that enables the human family to grow together through relations of coherence, compassion, care, and virtue. The when-which-how practice is a method that helps the individual express their higher self through quantum or energetic activities. The flow of energy, directed by the coherent and virtuous heart-mind system, is what we are here to experience and learn, and it is this that will ultimately bond humanity in Oneness.

The when-which-how practice is a comprehensive system that—among other things—retrains the subtle nervous system and cleanses the subconscious and cellular stresses and accumulations which can obscure alignment to one’s spirit-consciousness. As we move into the next five years the quickening pulse of life will continue to escalate, leaving us with an uneasy sense of time-deprivation. If left unchecked, time-deprivation creates a continuous state of overwhelm, which inhibits the alignment of your human instrument with the spirit within you. This alignment is a core value of the practice and is the foremost reason to apply it in your life.

Another aspect that the when-which-how practice supports is the dispersion and elimination of old densities and their dysfunctional perceptions. Today I received an email from an individual who wrote: “How, when it is still happening, can people of color just throw off all that abuse, and ‘Love’ all regardless of the atrocities leveled at them? Something else has to come into this equation.” That “something else” is the individual taking responsibility for their personal coherence through the active practice of the heart virtues, and allowing the higher intelligence (Creator, First Source, Common Origin, God, etc.) to bestow its fairness to all.

We live in a fair and just universe where sacrifice is acknowledged, though this acknowledgement may not be in the same domain in which the sacrifice occurs. It is usually displaced in time and space, which obscures the wholeness of equity, but it is always acknowledged and it is always fair and equitable because First Source is fundamentally aware of all things, as unimaginable as that may seem to us.

In this scope of fairness, we, as individuals, do not need to consume ourselves with vengeance, envy, anger, resentment, victimhood, or suffering. We do need, however, to forgive injustice; and understand why it exists in our world; and appreciate the wisdom we can gain from it; and express compassion to those who are entangled in its web; and be humble in our understanding so judgment does not befall us; and radiate valor to sensibly share our understanding to the headwaters of injustice, intolerance, and fanaticism in all its forms.

Whether your emotional incoherence is attributed to perceived injustices served to you as an individual or group, your incoherence diminishes your natural gift to apply the when-which-how practice, and therefore it impedes your abilities to access the higher channels of communication that are opening to all of us as a result of the dimensional shift we are undergoing.

The practice of when-which-how is a natural way to live one’s life amid the changing energetics of the next half decade, and sustain an alignment to your spirit. The practice itself is both simple and complex, but it is essential that you learn the foundation of the practice before you attempt the more complex techniques that the Event Temples website will disclose over the coming years. This is why this particular guide exists; it is the primer for the practice.

When I first approached John Berges to write this guide, he was full of questions, as one would expect. How long should it be? What is its focus? Will it need diagrams? Should it be entry-level or advanced? I assembled my responses into a single concept: The guide is already written; you simply need to access it—to birth it from the energetic domain into the physical. John has succeeded skillfully in this endeavor, making these teachings more accessible to all who are inspired to read and practice them.

John’s writing coalesced into an impressive guide that is richly textured with ideas, inspirations, and recommendations. If you read and study it, you will certainly expand your understanding of how the six heart virtues can be applied in your daily life and why it is important to do so. I appreciate John’s willingness to share his perspective, time, and energy on the when-which-how practice and for bringing this important e-book into materialization. His writing is but one shining example of the practice. I look forward to those that will follow from each of you.

James, October 2, 2007