The following scenarios provide examples of people from various walks of life who discovered the when-which-how technique, made a decision to practice it, and improved the quality of their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

Nurse at a Hospital

A nurse at a busy hospital is under continuous stress from the overload of patients and the overtime hours required to meet the demand. Before discovering the when-which-how technique, the pressure of her job had been affecting her health and her family life. In fact, her husband had developed cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy and yet she did not have the time to devote to his care because of her responsibilities at work. She couldn’t take a leave of absence or quit her job because they needed the income. Consequently, she was even more resentful toward her patients because it seemed to her that she was giving more care to her patients than to her own husband.

Now, having discovered when-which-how and practicing the technique for a few months, she feels somewhat better at every level of her life. She has more energy, she is more alert and efficient, and most importantly, her emotional life is less chaotic and anxiety-filled. Now her emotional state is positive, stable, and manageable. Her new-found positive emotional stability has spread to her co-workers, for they are less irritable. She wonders if this is because her emotional attitude and behavior are reducing the stress and irritation in her co-workers’ energy fields.

Prior to her work with emotional self-mastery, she had become irritable toward her patients, often treating them as objects rather than as people. Because her negative emotions were so entrenched, it took some effort for her to align with the energetic heart. The line of least resistance for her was through the virtue of compassion.

At first she felt ashamed of herself for becoming so callous and cold toward her patients, but the virtue of understanding allowed her to see that she really was a good person, but due to a combination of complacency and stress she had simply lost her way. Through her work with the heart virtues she has restored her balance, aligned with the energetic heart and can now apply when-which-how to her patients, co-workers, and family.