You may already have noticed that much of this work has to do with honestly facing ourselves and admitting that we too often ignore the problem areas of our emotional lives, or that we become insensitive to these areas due to our denial of their existence. A large part of the when-which-how practice is opening ourselves to these shadow areas of our ego-personalities. Therefore, a great deal of this work is speaking truth to the power of our own egos.

Our practitioner has admitted to himself that he has been insensitive to the needs of his family. He has acknowledged that his ego has gotten in the way of his attitudes to his co-workers. He recognizes that many of the difficulties he faces are self-created.

His relatively brief experiment with the practice of when-which-how has yielded positive results. He can feel them and experience the difference in the quality of his life. His decision to align with the heart virtues has helped him make objective observations of his life and relationships. Living from the heart has increased his sensitivity to his inner and outer life, and the virtue of valor has played an important part in this unfolding process.