The Framework of Practice Diagram

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The right side of the diagram shows a different scenario. Here the six heart virtues are transmitted to the emotional field without interference (ideally). This creates the soul-personality and consequent coherence in our Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF). This contributes to the accumulation of coherence in the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF). This coherence is maintained through the artistry of expressing the six heart virtues. This is the practice of when-which-how. Now the heart-based emotional field is transmitting its energetics to the mind. (Notice also, that the situation is reversed relative to the mind and emotions.) And the mind, in tandem with the heart-based emotions, is now able to create thoughts and ideas expressive of the soul, and mediated by the energetic heart. This creates the virtuous cycle that reinforces the soul-personality structure.

The bottom section of the diagram simply shows the objective, third dimensional results of our expressions—derived from our habituation to the social order, or derived from our awakening to the soul’s Domain of Unity. At the left side of the diagram we are practicing the social order and on the right side, we are practicing the art of the genuine (no symbolic pun intended). I would also point out that practicing the social order is not necessarily bad or unethical. It’s practicing the social order exclusively—without the spiritual dimension of the energetic heart and soul—that creates conditions of materialism, separatism, mistrust, and fear.

The “opposites” of the six virtues are my own interpretations. I may want to spend a little time pondering on my own interpretations of the virtues’ opposites because their presence, either in yourself or others, is an indicator of when to apply the appropriate heart virtues. Probably most of us are already familiar with the polar opposites of the virtues and therefore, they can serve as bridges to the virtues themselves. Rather than seeing these opposites as “bad,” we might compare them to malnourished trees metaphorically deprived of the nurturing sunlight of the soul’s rays by a polluted emotional atmosphere. By intentionally shining the light of the soul on these weakened and stunted trees, we can clear the atmosphere and restore these trees to health.