This is the goal of the when-which-how practice: to draw your soul into the experience of the body-mind, and enable it to lead the expression of your life in the domains of timespace 
It is the heart’s intention to be the enabling force for this goal.
The Framework

At the end of the last section, we discussed the definitions of the six heart virtues from the angle of the blueprint of exploration. This is the big picture viewpoint that places living from the heart, emotional self-mastery, and its practices within the context of the soul’s journey through the multiverse. One of the stops on this journey is planet Earth. This is a place where we are experiencing separation from the soul and its unified state with First Source. Learning to live from the heart is the process of integrating the higher, unified experience of the soul with the unique, individuated personality we have evolved in spacetime. This might be called the ultimate framework and it forms the transcendental background for all our experiences.

The paper, “Living from the Heart,” mentions another framework that is more directly connected to our practice. This is the fundamental structure in which we conduct our practice of when-which-how. The practice rests on the foundation of coherence.

The art of the genuine is the practice of coherence between the deeper awakening of the heart virtues within each of us, and their faithful expression in the worlds of form. Those individuals who are awakened to the frequencies of the energetic heart within and practice–to their best ability in the moment–the expression of these frequencies in their behavior and actions are practicing their highest purpose 
[They are] seeking to increase the degree of coherence between what they understand their heart virtues to be and how they can express those heart virtues with genuineness.
This is a straightforward process. We read or hear about these six virtues. We recall their meanings as we have understood them from our social upbringing. We begin to think more deeply about them in relation to the suggestion that these virtues are aspects of divine love; that they originate in the immortal spiritual soul; and that they are contained in our energetic body at the place of our heart. Based on all this, we begin to create our own ideas about these virtues. These make a deeper impact on us and we begin to apply these to our own behaviors and attitudes. We move from an intellectual level to a practical level. The critical factor is that we are using our intention to activate what is in our hearts and minds by expressing these six heart virtues in our lives. This is coherence based on authenticity and genuineness. This entire process is based on a framework.

There is an ascending spiral process to this practice….One must be grounded in the framework, and this can be done by studying the free e-paper “The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative” and then contemplating its meaning.
The diagram I have supplied here (following page) is a summary, from my perspective, of the basic “framework” described in “The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative.” However, that paper should be studied in order to gain a more complete understanding of the art of the genuine. The process described in the diagram is not a perfect, “air-tight” model, but I believe it can help us understand the framework well enough to begin practicing when-which-how. "The Art of the Genuine" paper should be studied, however, in order to gain a more complete understanding of the art of the genuine.

The top of the diagram depicts the soul receiving divine love from the Domain of Unity. It then passes this on to the energetic heart in the form of six fields of intelligence, which are called the six heart virtues.

The middle portion of the diagram indicates the subjective mental-emotional dimension where we create our thoughts and feelings. In this section of the diagram, the heart represents our emotional state. If we are oriented toward social enculturation, the heart is weakened relative to the soul and the six virtues. If we are oriented toward the soul, the heart is strengthened relative to the soul and the six virtues.

The thoughts and emotions generated by social enculturation create the ego-personality and consequent incoherence and chaos in one’s Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF). This contributes to the overall chaos and incoherence in the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF). As illustrated in the diagram, practicing the social order interferes with the reception of the six heart virtues emanating from the soul via the energetic heart. Also notice, that in this case the mind is the transmitter of thought to the emotions. Here, the ego-mind transmits thoughts and ideas to the non-heart-based emotions, creating a vicious cycle that reinforces the ego-personality structure.