Virtues Scales Diagram

Consequently, whenever we practice when-which-how, we are activating heart energetics on our individual, microscopic scale in resonance with other vast cosmic processes of energetic transfers occurring continuously throughout the multiverse. Thus, we play our part and contribute to the greater good.

In summary, the definitions of the heart virtues provided in “Living from the Heart” are guidelines for living within the blueprint of exploration. If we base our actions and behaviors on these simple and direct precepts, our hearts will speak to us in the voice of the soul, and we will be guided by the intelligent light of love throughout our spacetime odyssey.

That inner voice sounds from a dimension of reality enfolding our spacetime dimension. This all-inclusive reality is an ocean of love that expresses itself through the six virtues. We might imagine these virtues as the waves created by the ocean’s encounter with the shores of the three-dimensional islands of spacetime. Imagine this occurring at all scales of the multiverse. The important thing to remember is this—the power expressed by these waves is the same; the only difference is the size of the island and its placement in the sea.

If God is the ocean, then we are the drop. As such, we carry the frequency of love in us at all times. When we consciously engage this practice, we deliver a minute drop of First Source to the world in the form of the heart’s virtues. When we practice when-which-how, we are like the waves of the ocean of love breaking on the shores of every “island” we encounter.